[dancer-users] Strange "state" variable @_ masks earlier declaration error while developing a Dancer2 plugin for Redis

burnersk dancer at failmail.de
Thu Aug 7 10:38:47 BST 2014


I just ran into some very strange error for my new 

I use Redis and Moo (which comes with Dancer2::Plugin).

When Perl comes to parsing Moo has constructs with builder option it 
will fail with parameter parsing:

> "state" variable @_ masks earlier declaration in same scope

But when using the plugin the "normal way" (in a Dancer2 application) 
nothing will fail and everything works fine.

You can find the original issue report with more information on GitHub:

The source is in the "feature/use-tests" branch and NOT in master:

Hope anyone can help me with this... I realy like to publish the plugin 
with tests.


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