[dancer-users] Form validation framework

Warren Young warren at etr-usa.com
Mon Apr 14 21:09:22 BST 2014

On 4/14/2014 13:39, Octavian Rasnita wrote:
> 3. Javascript is not active on browser.

Okay, granted.  That's not allowed in my Dancer app, since there are 
plenty of other things that require JS, but I concede the point.

Is that really a big slice of your user base, though?

You might be chasing an 0.0001% slice.  If only 1% of your app's users 
have disabled JS in their browser, and those savvy 1% have error rates 
of only 1%, and of that fraction only 1% are so UI sensitive that they 
will go use some other web app rather than deal with errors tossed into 
a common <div> rather than be bound to the UI controls that caused them, 
then you're spending too much time keeping too few users.

In my experience[*], that last term goes nearly to 0%, since disabling 
JS breaks so much UI on the web that they're already self-selecting into 
a group that doesn't care about UI details.

[*] I use Firefox with NoScript.

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