[dancer-users] Localization framework

Hugues hugues at max4mail.com
Mon Apr 14 18:40:23 BST 2014

I've tested my app with Dancer::Plugin::I18N
it's works well
you need poeditor.com to create and manage po and mo filse

in you template , just replace [% text %] to [% l(text) %]

see https://metacpan.org/pod/Dancer::Plugin::I18N

PS: in config.yml do not specify directory, use I18N, it doesn't work 
for me.


Le 14/04/2014 16:11, Lutz Gehlen a écrit :
> Hello all,
> I am devloping a web application that requires a multi-language interface.
> is there a standard localization framework used in Dancer? Or can someone
> recommend one based on his or her experience?
> Thank you for your help and best wishes,
> Lutz
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