[dancer-users] authentication with tokens

WK wanradt at gmail.com
Fri Apr 11 17:20:28 BST 2014


I am looking for solution how handle requests simply and securely for
RESTful web-service. Theoretically it should look like this:

1. on first approach client should log in with usual credentials (like
username and password)
2. system generates unique token and returns it to client
3. on every subsequent request client uses token to identify itself
4. when token ages, client starts from first point again

I tried some queries on metacpan and google, but did not find nothing
involving Dancer and even Perl as whole.

Do you have some hints for me, where to look?

To implement it with one table seems not too hard, but to have something
battleproofed and abstracted out would be appreciated.

Kõike hääd,

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