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David Selby zeke.selby at gmail.com
Wed Apr 9 15:33:16 BST 2014


Could give me any suggestions about which companies I should apply to, or
do you know a good placement company I should talk to?

I saw you are an organizer of the Perl Meetup group, as well as seeing your
name in other Perl posts and mailing lists.

I enjoy Perl programming and using Linux and Unix and have over 10 years
experience on these. Currently I work at IBM for Michelin, where I get to
work with Perl fairly often.

I live in South Carolina and am hoping to find a job where I can work some
weeks on site in New York and work the rest remotely, perhaps two weeks
every two months in NY. My mother lives in Brooklyn and I enjoy visiting,
but I don't want to move family to NY.

Thank you for your help,

David Selby
864 901 3236

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?David Selby
zeke.selby at gmail.com

16 years Unix, Linux, Perl, System Support and Integration
Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Clemson University
Fluent German

  Write concise, readable programs.
  Develop programs to automatically handle Michelin IT?s production problems.
  Developed Mojolicious web servers drivingeu.com and qquiz.com.
  I am the go-to guy for Perl questions and requests for IBM and Michelin teams.
  Create monitors for numerous systems.
  Rewrite broken Perl and Shell scripts in well-structured Perl.

Unix / Linux
  Very strong command line skills.
  Used and administered Linux at home and web servers.
  Supporting business systems on AIX.
  Write and maintain scripts in Perl and Ksh.
  Troubleshoot problems.
  Integrate systems.
  File transfer, automating SFTP, FTP, Axway's Interpel.
  Work with external partners to set up connections.

  qquiz.com, a spaced-repetition flashcard site
  drivingeu.com, a flashcard site for learning German road signs. 
     Spaced-repetition scheduling of cards.
     Very responsive by preloading data to page. 
     Server is Perl, Mojolicious, Nginx.
     Client is Javascript with jQuery.  Also use git. 
  martiscamp.com/community-map, created the overlay picture tiling and programming.
     Javascript to obtain coordinates to add icons for new properties.
  areamapper.com, tool for enclosing a region on a map to show districts. 
     Javascript and Google maps API

Lisp - moderate knowledge
C++ - used from 1996 - 2000
  CORBA projects tying Baan-ERP to i2's production-planner and to an order-entry UI. 

Michelin / IBM - 2003 - present (3 years as a contractor, 8 years as an IBM employee)
  Senior Systems Analyst
    Support Michelin's business systems on Unix and Windows.
    Track down recurring problems, determine causes and develop
      solutions to eliminate them.
    Help with data transfers between Michelin and business partners.
    Integrate Michelin systems.
    Ensure Unix environments are correctly set so different users can work together.
    Schedule programs using Tivoli Workload Scheduler.
    Responsible for Michelin?s QA and production environments.
    Advise Michelin and IBM teams on Unix, scripting, NAS usage, integration. 
    Help direct offshore teams on projects.
    Provide technical direction to other delivery managers.

  Websphere Business Interchange Connect (WBIC) and Websphere InterChange Server (ICS)
    Installed updates and upgrades and troubleshot problems.
    Developed monitors so we quickly knew when problems occurred.

  Data Transfers
    Wrote scripts for SFTP data transfers, created Ssh keys.
    Determined causes of failed connections such as fingerprint changes, firewall, problems on 
       remote server, etc. and worked to correct these problems.
    Wrote scripts in Curl and Expect to download bank data daily using SFTP.
    Developed Perl programs which send and get thousands of EDI files daily without error.
      Programs recover gracefully from network problems and server outages. 
   Supported Axway's Interpel File Transfer
      Configured Interpel file transfers and wrote scripts for sending and receiving data.
      Ensured that files are complete before receiving programs can see them.

    Set up pgp and gpg and wrote scripts to encrypt or decrypt data.
    Created public/private keys and worked with partners.
    Ensured Michelin's security guidelines were followed.

    Wrote and scheduled scripts to monitor for many different problems.
    Developed a Perl program to check for unprocessed files.
      It is very easy to add monitors for new data flows.
      This program is often our first or only alert when problems occur.

    Help support several of Michelin?s Windows-based systems.
    Guide new team members on these systems.
    Refactored Perl programs to make them reliable and concise. Changes retried commands 
       that might fail and prevented false alerts. Eliminated several groups of problems.

Sonoco Products  - 1998 - 2002
  Developed C++/CORBA interfaces to Baan ERP system on Unix.
  Wrote Perl data parsing scripts for i2 Factory Planner.
  Changed Baan-ERP data downloads to run in parallel, reducing run times from 7 hours to 2 hours, 
    ensuring that data was available when planners started work in the morning.

University of Stuttgart, Institut für Steuerungstechnik - 2 years
  C++/CORBA programming on a project to automate a factory?s workflow.

  Native language English
  Very good German
    Lived in Germany seven years. Understand Schwaebisch, a difficult dialect.
    Experience as German to English technical translator.

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