[dancer-users] Tiny problem with sessions in a Dancer2 plugin

Gideon D'souza gidisrael at gmail.com
Thu Sep 26 19:21:19 BST 2013

I would really really appreciate some help on this tiny problem I'm having.

I'm porting my Github Authentication plugin into Dancer2, but for the life
of my I can't get it to work and I've been stuck for days now on this.

*Everything works*, but it's just the the session value that is set from
within the plugin is undef inside the application.

Here is the code narrowed down, the Plugin:
I set the session there, all works great.

Now, the session is undef here in the app:

Is it because I'm calling the init() method here and this method setups up
a route?

Is there a way to add routes inside a plugin, on init or something like
that? Or perhaps it's something else I've missed?

Any reply or pointers appreciated.

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