[dancer-users] how should I set a setting while parsing command line options (GH#393)

Gideon D'souza gidisrael at gmail.com
Tue Sep 17 22:28:06 BST 2013

Hey folks,

So I'm working on fixing issue #393:

I'm sorry to have gotten jammed up with such a simple task. I ran into a
small issue which might relate to other things going on.

(1) I cannot use setting(port => 1234) or setting(environment => "stage")
inside GetOpt like Dancer1. It fails.
Here is the line that fails:

@mst did point out this is incorrect, I should point to the config setting
on the app instance. A larger problem here is that this doesn't work either.

(2) $app->setting(..) or $runner->setting(..) don't work.
See :

What also perplexed me is that if I put a breakpoint at a line inside
Dancer2::import it wouldn't stop and just go and run the server.

So what should I do here?  Setting $ENV{} works. Should I do this? Am I
doing something wrong? Is there anything else I should fix first?

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