[dancer-users] Dancer 1 v1.3118 is on its way to CPAN

Yanick Champoux yanick at babyl.dyndns.org
Sun Sep 1 17:55:48 BST 2013

Good morning dancers,

It is my pleasure to announce that I've just cried havoc and slipped out 
the Dancer of war. Release 1.3118 is on its way to CPAN, and it
carries a fair amount of goodies (see below).

As usual, a big thank you and a heap of props to everyone who reported 
bugs, submitted patches, offered advice, displayed patience and silently 
passed the bottle of rotgut when it was needed. You are the ones keeping 
the dance floor alive.

DJ `/anick

1.3118 01.09.2013

     * GH #946: new 'require_environment' setting. (Jesse van Herk)
     * GH #952: don't set defaults for Template subclasses for
         Dancer::Template::TemplateToolkit. (Rick Myers)
     * GH #945: add function 'template_or_serialize' to
         Dancer::Serializer::Mutable. (Yanick Champoux)

     [ BUG FIXES ]
     * GH #655: clarify logger error message. (Yanick Champoux,
         reported by Gabor Szabo)
     * GH #951: fix quoting of TemplateToolkit start_tag/stop_tag.
         (Rick Myers)
     * GH #940: carry over the session when we forward().
         (Yanick Champoux, reported by sciurius)
     * GH #954: don't die on autoflush for older perls.
         (Yanick Champoux, reported by metateck and David Golden)
     * GH #950: Dancer::Test functions now populate REQUEST_URI.
         (Yanick Champoux, reported by Sören Kornetzki)

     * GH #942: simpilify the Apache deployment docs for cgi/fcgi.
         (bug report by Scott Penrose)

     [ MISC ]
     * GH #949: fixes a few errors in the serializer testsuite.
         (Franck Cuny)

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