[dancer-users] Dancer2 sessions and cookies?

Gabor Szabo gabor at szabgab.com
Thu Oct 24 12:29:12 BST 2013

I am trying to add sessions to my new Dancer2 based applications and
it drives me crazy as usual.

In config.yml I added

session: YAML

in my login route I added

session last_seen => time;

Running the applications using

plackup -L Shotgun bin/app.pl
and accessing it via http://localhost:5000/

(though I get the same behaviour with perl bin/app.pl as well)

after I pass the login route I see a new yml file created in the sessions/
directory but when I check my browser I don't see any cookies from
localhost and when the code checks in the next get request

if (session('last_seen'))

it is false.

My understanding is that Dancer should set a cookie with the id of the
session which is the name of the yml file in the sessions/ directory.

What do I need to configure in order to get this working?


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