[dancer-users] Template Toolkit Engine (Recursion flag)

Tiago Quintela kintela at gmail.com
Fri Nov 1 19:15:11 GMT 2013


On the project I'm working on I've been using a recursive template call, so
after some digging, on Dancer1 i was able to set this up on config.yml with
something like:

    WRAPPER: 'wrapper.tt'
    RECURSION: '1'

Which passed the recursion flag to Template object and allowed recursion
(set to zero by default).

I'm now trying to move the project to Dancer2 but i end up with the
following error:

error @2013-11-01 18:43:58> Route exception: file error - recursion into

It seems that Dancer is not telling Template::Toolkit that it should allow
recursion on templates. From what I remember when I was setting up Template
Toolkit recursion flag in previous version of Dancer, anything under
"template_toolkit" would be sent as a parameter to Template->new(), has
this changed?


Tiago Quintela
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