[dancer-users] From Dancer launch Background Process

Yanick Champoux yanick at babyl.dyndns.org
Wed May 1 03:07:20 BST 2013

On 13-04-30 03:09 AM, Hugues Max wrote:
> I would like to launch in background a perl program ( or function who
> create lot of PDF) from my Dancer APP.
> and view in web page the log of this program.
> I've done a small test, ajax part works well, but if my process
> backgroup is too long with sleep , nothing works, web browser wait...
> What is the best way to do that ?

	Maybe something like Dancer::Plugin::GearmanXS to send the long-running 
job to a Gearman instance, and then have your browser either refresh the 
page until the job is done or, if you really feel space-age, have a 
websocket connection (see Dancer::Plugin::WebSocket) to the server to 
push the results to the client when it's ready?


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