[dancer-users] Dancer2 version of dancer script?

Brad Baxter bmb at mail.libs.uga.edu
Fri Mar 22 21:26:54 GMT 2013


I'm just getting my feet wet with Dancer.  I started out with
Dancer(1) using the 'dancer' script on CPAN to jumpstart a new app.
Now I'm looking at Dancer2, and I'm looking for a similar script to
jumpstart a new app.

I found App::Dancer2 which include includes a dancer2 script.  I
thought it might be the jumpstart script I'm looking for, but now I'm
not so sure.  Reading the source, it appears to fetch
https://github.com/PerlDancer/Dancer2/archive/master.zip for each app,
which isn't really what I want.

So my question: is there a dancer2 script that's equivalent to the
dancer script for Dancer(1)?  Is the App::Dancer2 dancer2 script
intended to be that?

Thanks much,


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