[dancer-users] Running bin/app.pl with cleaner %ENV

Alois Mahdal Alois.Mahdal.1-ndmail at zxcvb.cz
Tue Mar 5 04:05:34 GMT 2013


I am playing with Dancer on my hobby project.  On my hobby
Debian Wheezy VPS.

Now during development, of course I thousand times start and
stop bin/app.pl just as it is described in the Quick Start.  As
real_me at here.

Now set aside that this is not very good from security point
(clean unprivileged user would be better),  other thing that
bothers me is extremely polluted %ENV---I like to inspect this
variable from time to time and I'm definitely not interested in

What is the correct way to run it?

I have tried creating new (--system) user and suid-ing, but
at this point

*   perl refused to run app.pl until I removed the env part.
    from the shebang line (i.e. `#!/usr/bin/perl` instead of
    `#!/usr/bin/env perl`

*   %ENV was polluted anyway

I'm not the Linux pro as I would like to be, so maybe the above
are not problems specific to Dancer.  However, I think I got the
message correctly that I was headed incorrect way.

And since I was not able to find it in doc (sorry if I just
suck at it), I thought asking would not hurt.

So: What would be The Right Way of stop/running bin/app.pl
thousand times a day (read: easily), provided I'm at a wild
development stage?

Alois Mahdal

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