[dancer-users] Dancer built-in server seems to choke

Mr. Puneet Kishor punk.kish at gmail.com
Fri Jun 28 22:00:06 BST 2013

This is a weird one, and I have started noticing this only recently, so perhaps with one of the recent updates. Here are the logs (trimmed for sanity)

	12:55:54-punkish~/Projects/punkish (master)$ bin/app.pl
	>> Dancer 1.3115 server 183 listening on
	>> Dancer::Plugin::Ajax (1.00)
	== Entering the development dance floor ...
	[183] debug @0.003543> [hit #2]sending back first-page in /path/to/app/lib/punkish.pm l. 34
	[183] debug @0.012338> [hit #4]sending back second-page in /path/to/app/lib/punkish.pm l. 34
	[183] debug @0.003169> [hit #5]sending back second-page in /path/to/app/lib/punkish.pm l. 34
	[183] debug @0.003327> [hit #8]sending back second-page in /path/to/app/lib/punkish.pm l. 34
	[183] debug @0.003521> [hit #11]sending back first-page in /path/to/app/lib/punkish.pm l. 34

The app itself is rather simple

	# ajax request
	get '/p/:uri' => sub {
		debug "sending back $uri";
		return to_json $result;
	# If the URI has no /p/ in it then it is a non-ajax call.
	# Send back an empty template and the name of the page
	# to be called via ajax
	# !get '/*?'
	get '/*?' => sub {

		return template 'index', $result, { layout => 'main' };

If the user enters a full path in the browser, Dancer sends back the template with the name of the actual page to be loaded which is then called via with the /p/ in the path. If Dancer sees /p/ in the path then it sends back only the specific page's content. This is my home-grown version of a "single-page-app" that all the cool kids are making nowadays, except I am not yet ready to jump ship to Nodejs.

The problem is, the first load happens fine. The ajax calls after that just hang. As you can see from the log above, the ajax call to http://localhost:3000/first-pagehappened fine, but after that, 3 consecutive requests to http://localhost:3000/second-page got hung up, and then suddenly, as if a plug had been removed, three of them were sent back.

I also tried a direct `curlhttp://localhost:3000/p/second-page` and that too just hung.

What is going on?

Oh, and I have a corollary question -- is it possible to customize that debug message? For example, instead of the rather unhelpful (to me) 

	[183] debug @0.003543> [hit #2]sending back first-page in /path/to/app/lib/punkish.pm l. 34 

I would like to see something like 

	Jun 26, 2013 13:18:23 - sending back first-page in /path/to/app/lib/punkish.pm l. 34

In fact, the actual `path/to/app` is really long in my case. I would like to just trim that.

Many thanks,

Puneet Kishor

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