[dancer-users] load_app, prefix, require_login (or role)

Henk van Oers hvo.pm at xs4all.nl
Fri Jun 14 19:22:09 BST 2013

I am using Dancer::Plugin::Auth::Extensible
but what I want is more general.

I use in my app:

prefix '/user' => sub {
     get '/' => require_login sub {
         my $user = logged_in_user;
         template 'user', { user => $user };

No problem with that.

I also use in my app:

load_app 'Bla', prefix => '/bla';

I would like to restrict the routes to that app to only
users with a matching role.

That would make "load_aps"s reuseable for other apps
with a differend role mechanisem.

e.g. In Bla.pm you can have:

get '/request' => sub {
     my $req  = request;
     reveal('request', \$req);

In contrast to:

get '/foo' => require_role($i_do_not_know_the_role) => sub { ... };



any '/logout' => sub {
     redirect '/';

Can be a global route for any Danser app,
if there is nothing to match anymore.

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