[dancer-users] How to cite Perl Dancer

Richard Jones ra.jones at dpw.clara.co.uk
Mon Jun 10 14:54:19 BST 2013

On 10/06/2013 14:16, Michael Wolfinger wrote:
> Hi All, while we've built a little bioinformatics application based on
> Dancer (http://rna.tbi.univie.ac.at/TSSAR) and are currently writing a
> paper about it, I was wondering how to correctly cite the Perl Dancer
> project. Is there any official manuscript around apart from the Dancer
> website?

I can't answer that for you sorry, but I am interested in your web-site. 
I'm also using D2 to build a NGS web application (though it will be on a 
'private' intranet). I'm interested in why you use a Perl web framework 
but Java for the main data processing engine, not Perl and the BioPerl 
library. Not fast enough maybe? Java has better Seq libraries? Or have I 
misunderstood the documentation and Java is just used for the the 
client-side pre-processing?
Richard Jones

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