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Attila Bárdi attila.bardi at gmail.com
Wed Dec 18 22:03:14 GMT 2013


battila at igornb:~/Dancer/MyWebApp/lib$ ./test_ldap.pl
LdapPerson module is successfully loaded!
displayname: Bárdi Attila
unix perlio
battila at igornb:~/Dancer/MyWebApp/lib$

Hmml, there is no utf8.

I found the following while I search for the solution and before I read you
the ldap does not set the utf8 flag (I don't know why) so I tried to ask it
to set the flag.
I used the *raw => qr/(?i:^jpegPhoto|;binary)/ *option at the bind, but it
just confused the thing, because it converted to utf8.
I also tried to use several utf8, unicode modules without success.

But I don't know the solution.

On Wed, Dec 18, 2013 at 10:00 PM, WK <wanradt at gmail.com> wrote:

> 2013/12/18 Attila Bárdi <attila.bardi at gmail.com>
>> I have an openldap server and I do some search in there.
>> So when I search for for example to my displayName, the ldap modul found
>> the following:
>> battila at igornb:~$  ./test_ldap.pl
>> LdapPerson module is successfully loaded!
>> displayname: Bárdi Attila
>> battila at igornb:~$
>> test.pl:
>> *#!/usr/bin/perl -wuse strict;use warnings;use LdapPerson;*
> Don't you get any "wide character" warnings?
> As far as I understand you have problem with decoding your input from
> When you use your module without Dancer you seem not decode your input and
> Perl treats your input by bytes and on print it outputs these same bytes.
> So, when you have UTF-8 enabled environment those bytes are shown as right
> characters even when they are not meant as such.
> Now, using Dancer you tell explicitly to use UTF-8 and because your input
> is not decoded properly (not marked as UTF-8) Dancer will treat this string
> as Latin1 and decodes bytes after ASCII-set again to its inner Unicode and
> on printing again to UTF-8. This causes such output as you have.
> You could add to your test.pl one line to test your output filters:
> print join( ' ', PerlIO::get_layers('STDOUT') ), "\n";
> If the last filter is not "utf8", my conclusion should be right.
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> Wbr,
> Kõike hääd,
> Gunnar
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