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Attila Bárdi attila.bardi at gmail.com
Wed Dec 18 14:03:41 GMT 2013

Dear dancers,

I have an openldap server and I do some search in there.
I wrote a perl module to handle the basic operations in the ldap.
So when I search for for example to my displayName, the ldap modul found
the following:

battila at igornb:~$  ./test_ldap.pl
LdapPerson module is successfully loaded!
displayname: Bárdi Attila
battila at igornb:~$


*#!/usr/bin/perl -wuse strict;use warnings;use LdapPerson;my $somebody =
LdapPerson->new();$somebody = LdapPerson->search('attila.bardi at example.com
<attila.bardi at example.com>');print "displayname: " .
$somebody->get_displayName() . "\n"*

But with: *use Dancer ':syntax';*

the "*Bárdi Attila*" become "*Bárdi Attila*"

package MyWeb::App;
use Dancer ':syntax';
use LdapPerson;

our $VERSION = '0.1';

get '/' => sub {
        my $somebody = LdapPerson->new();
        $somebody = LdapPerson->search('attila.bardi at example.com');
        return $somebody->get_displayName();


from config.yml:

*# when the charset is set to UTF-8 Dancer will handle for you# all the
magic of encoding and decoding. You should not care# about unicode within
your app when this setting is set (recommended).charset: "UTF-8"*

Can anyone help me what is the problem and how can I solve it?

Best regrds,
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