[dancer-users] Trying to use Dancer2::Plugin::REST, what did I do wrong?

Yanick Champoux yanick at babyl.dyndns.org
Fri Dec 6 17:30:50 GMT 2013

On 13-12-06 11:22 AM, Yanick Champoux wrote:
> I can reproduce the issue with Pierre's code. Weird. I'll have a deeper
> look.


So it seems that the response object is created before the serializer is 
set. And, even worse, it's not the response's own serializer that is 
set, but the global serializer for the application. Which means that we 
have this delightful delayed slapstick act:

$ curl localhost:3000/page.json
$ curl localhost:3000/page.yaml
{"status":"404","title":"Error 404 - Not Found","message":"unsupported 
format requested: yaml"}
$ curl localhost:3000/page.yml
{"some key":"value","something":"else"}
$ curl localhost:3000/page.json
some key: value
something: else

Github issue will be created. Problem shall be solved. But only after my 
coffee's drained. :-)


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