[dancer-users] Handling cookies on D2

Punter punter at punter.gr
Fri Apr 19 17:36:04 BST 2013

I believe the D2 maintainers should come clean and tell us whether in 
the future cookies will be handled like this:

my  %stuff  =  cookie  "stuff"

...or like they are now, which is (if I recall correctly) similar to this:

my  $cookie  =  cookie  "stuff";
my  %stuff  =  $cookie  ?  $cookie->value  :  ();

Because if I'm making a website that has to work on D2 now, and I want 
it to keep on working in the future, I have to keep in the back of my 
mind that one day I will have to change my cookie-related code to keep 
it compatible with D2. The maintainers shouldn't be letting us in the dark.

Below is the link to a pull request that changes (modernizes, is my 
opinion) the way cookies are handled. Does this pull request interest 
you enough so that I write some tests for it?


On 04/12/2013 12:05 PM, Punter wrote:
> Just a reminder, that I have two pull requests sitting:
> #200 changes the way cookies are handled by the developer, according 
> to the wishes of dagolden in one of his documents. It looks pretty 
> important to me to deal with as soon as possible, since it will break 
> backwards compatibility and so it's best to affect as few people as 
> possible.
> #211 allows you to set the "views" directory somewhere else, in 
> accordance with D2 documentation. This is also important, as it will 
> let the front-end developer upload his stuff without affecting your 
> (the back-end developer's) stuff. I guess there could be other ways to 
> achieve this same benefit, but this looks like the most 
> straightforward and easy-to-figure one. In the last of bigpresh's 
> session of looking-at-pull-requests two weeks ago, this pull request 
> was accidentally overlooked.

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