[dancer-users] dancer deployment with chef - psgi cookbook

Alexey Melezhik melezhik at gmail.com
Fri Apr 19 09:23:08 BST 2013

Hi! I have created a chef cookbook to deploy various web applications with
plackup/psgi and Dancer is among them.
Anyone who deal with Dancer deployment can use it as follow:

psgi_application 'my application' do
      application_user    'user'
      application_home    '/home/user/app/MyApplication'
      operator            'Dancer'
      action              'install'

This code will install dancer psgi application init script ready to
use. Supported platforms are debian and ubuntu:

/etc/init.d/my-dancer-app start
/etc/init.d/my-dancer-app stop
/etc/init.d/my-dancer-app restart

See more usage details on http://community.opscode.com/cookbooks/psgi
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