[dancer-users] Dancer 1.3112 is now on CPAN

Yanick Champoux yanick at babyl.dyndns.org
Fri Apr 12 01:13:22 BST 2013

Hello everybody!

	Just to say that Dancer 1.3112 is now on CPAN. The changelog contains 
nothing dramatic, but still a satisfying amount of minor bug fixes:

     * GH #897 dancer script diagnostic more explicit if target directory
        does not exist or is not writable (reported by Andrew Grangaard).
     * GH #907: skip tests of deprecated features (mokko).
     * GH #895: JSON serializer now uses JSON's "-support_by_pp"
         (Jonathan Schatz).

     [ BUG FIXES ]
     * GH #900: backport the security patch for Dancer::ModuleLoader
         from Dancer2 (mokko).
     * RT #84198: silencing wide-character in-memory file handle error
         (Tom Wyant).
     * wrong number of tests to skip in t/14_serializer/01_helpers.t.
     * GH #891: silenced warnings from non-numeric versions in
	Makefile.PL (Olof Johansson).
     * GH #702: fix request->header call throwing exceptions inside
	routes of Dancer->dance($request)  (Perlover).
     * GH #893, GH #636: handle binary files for uploads in Dancer::Test
     * GH #903: add plan for subtest (bug report by wfaulk).

     * GH #899: mention that response_exist and response_doesnt_exist are
         deprecated (Fabrice Gabolde).
     * GH #902, #903: change example to use path_info() instead of path()
         (Anton Ukolov, Lee Carmichael).


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