[Dancer-users] Free Dancer Hosting now available @ dotgeek

David C gurugeek 1 at 1.ai
Sat Sep 1 18:35:06 CEST 2012

Hello !
We have finalised the free hosting service at http://1.ai with dancer support (in addition to ruby and PHP). The server uses SSD drives and is in a good datacenter with a very fast connection. Each user has also a MySQL database in addition to Sqlite and any other file based database that you can load in your space via SFTP.

New users will have both http://yourname.dotgeek.org and http://yourname.1.ai sub domains. 

The invitation key is no longer needed so if someone feels like trying it out it can simply mention the dancer mailing list in the "about you" field and I will the request. 
sample dancer apps running on the server 

I welcome your feedback to improve the service. Thanks in advance

Best Regards

David C. (gurugeek)
Dotgeek Free Hosting now beta http://1.ai
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