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Tue Oct 30 16:17:28 GMT 2012

supply much or all of the functionality I need.

I also see that Net::Google::Calendar provides an API to
access all this goodness from my from my Dancer application.

I'd like viewers to be able to click on an event (such as a
public workshop) displayed in an embedded Google Calendar on
the site, and go to a page that I will provide with more
information and a button to register.

Is that what Net::Google::Calendar::WebContent

Assuming yes, here is my second question:

I'm thinking of giving users two options for
creating their calendar content:

1) Create and manage their calendar through their own Google
account, so my website will just pull in that content.

2) For those who *don't* have a Google account, provide
forms for them to manage their events. In that case the
calendars would be created under my own Google account (i.e.
MyWebsite at 

In case (2), I can easily add a link to a calendar entry to
a registration page. 

For case (1) since I will not have write access to these
user's personal calendars, one approach would be to make a
copy of each user's calendar in MyWebsite at Having
done that, I can use Net::Google::Calendar::Entry's add_link
method to provide access to the online registration form.

That means I will have to periodically sync all of
the calendar copies with the original source.

Could there be a better way to handle this?

Note, that I've also looked at most of the other families of 
calendar modules on CPAN, however Google Calendar
seems to be nearest to the functionality I want
to provide, and also fairly straightforward to use
via N::G::C.

I'd be interested to know if I'm missing anything 
important before I get too deep. 



Joel Roth

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