[Dancer-users] Dancer + bootstrap + font-awesome template

Michael Rasmussen michael at jamhome.us
Fri May 25 06:45:00 CEST 2012

On Thu, May 24, 2012 at 10:44:07PM -0400, Assaf Gordon wrote:
> I recently found myself starting couple of Dancer applications from scratch, and every time had to go through the same motions: Enable Template::Toolkit, update JQuery, add Twitter's Bootstrap, add Font-Awesome, update layout, etc.
> So I created a new template - perhaps other interested parties can use it to start dancing even faster.
> It starts a template just like "dancer -a", but with bootstrap + font-awesome already integrated (and two script to easily upgrade both).
> See it here:
>   http://cowbell.cancan.cshl.edu/
>   https://github.com/agordon/dancer_bootstrap_fontawesome_template
> Comments are welcomed.

Freaking awesome-ah!
    ~ Italian school girls practicing their English on the flight from Milan to Atlanta,


May I suggest:
diff --git a/index.tt b/index.tt
index 895be06..a340bea 100644
--- a/index.tt
+++ b/index.tt
@@ -115,7 +115,8 @@
 $ wget -O dancer.zip https://github.com/agordon/dancer_bootstrap_fontawesome_template/zipball/master
 $ unzip dancer.zip
-$ cd agordon-dancer_bootstrap_fontawesome_template-*
+$ ln -s agordon-dancer_bootstrap_fontawesome_template-* more_cowbell
+$ cd more_cowbell
 $ ./bin/update_bootstrap
 $ ./bin/update_fontawesome
 $ ./bin/app.pl

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