[Dancer-users] A new dancer plugin.

Natal Ngétal hobbestigrou at erakis.im
Sun May 13 15:51:27 CEST 2012

Hi all,

Yesterday I wrote a new dancer plugin to redirect all incoming
requests to https inspired by flask-sslify. The project was renamed to
don't confuse the users, thanks mst to advise. I'm hope the code look
fine and be useful.

Dancer::Plugin::RequireSSL also provides your application with an HSTS policy.


By default hsts_age is set for one year 31536000 seconds, and can also
include subdomains in your HSTS policy by default is false.

To configure plugin:

  hsts_age: 31536000
  hsts_include_subdomains: 0

In your config.yml.


\0/ Hobbestigrou
site web: erakis.im

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