[Dancer-users] AUTOLOADed methods in use'd Perl module not found

David Gethings dgethings at me.com
Thu Jul 5 18:19:52 CEST 2012

Hi All,

Long time Perl coder but new to Modern Perl and Dancer.

I am using Dancer to provide a RESTful API to an existing Perl module. The problem I have is that none of the AUTOLOADed methods appear to work when I use the module in Dancer. If I use the module in a CLI script the AUTOLOADed methods work. Any ideas why the AUTOLOADed methods are not found?

The error message I get back is:

Warning caught during route execution: funtion name not found for get_chassis_inventory at /Users/dgethings/git/Sloe/lib/Sloe.pm line 51

I've done some googling and have had no success in finding anyone with a similar problem. Nor can I find away to access the Perl debugger when using Dancer to see what my available object methods are.

Any help in any area is greatly appreciated.

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