[Dancer-users] Problem with Dancer::Plugin::Ajax under Plack

Gurunandan Bhat gbhat at pobox.com
Sun Jan 29 16:18:58 CET 2012

I am trying to run multiple Dancer apps under Plack, One of my routes
is an "ajax" route using Dancer::Plugin::Ajax

My $app inside the psgi file is defined as:

my $app = sub {
  local $ENV{DANCER_APPDIR} = 'MyAppDir';
  setting appdir => 'MyAppDir';
  load_app "MyApp";
  my $request = Dancer::Request->new( env => $env );

Unfortunately, the "ajax" route is not recognised and it gives me a 404

However I find that when I add

Dancer::Handler->init_request_headers($env); in the sub, the Ajax
route works fine. Dancer::Handler docs are not available and I need to
understand why this works

Would appreciate if someone could explain

Thank you

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