[Dancer-users] Extrange problem whith Locale::Maketext

Angel Arancibia angel.arancibia at gmail.com
Tue Jan 17 15:41:30 CET 2012


I'm getting some extrange problem making Locale::Maketext to work with
Dancer. The problem is that, in some "magic" combination, when we are
ussing with apache2, the handler return undef. That problem does not
happend when we run the application from bin/app.pl.

The "Magic" combination is:

                 /en/something -> OK -> change  to  /de/something ->
ERROR -> wait 10seconds  try again  /de/something -> OK

This happend only when ussing Plack::Handler::Apache2, no when we run
the application from the ./bin/app.pl

The code looks something like:

        package Extra::L10N;
              use base qw(Locale::Maketext);

        use Extra::L10N;
        my $lh = Extra::L10N->get_handle($args{lang},'en'); # This
fails somethime ($lh = undef ) with apache2 but it works as expected
with Perl Dancer server

Any help would be appreacited :)



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