[Dancer-users] Dancer::Plugin::I18N

Natal Ngétal hobbestigrou at erakis.im
Wed Feb 22 15:45:47 CET 2012

Le 22 février 2012 03:32,  <igor.bujna at post.cz> a écrit :
> I have uploaded %subj% in http://search.cpan.org/~koceasy/Dancer-Plugin-I18N-0.12/lib/Dancer/Plugin/I18N.pm.
> This plugin provides Intenationalization for Dancer.
> First i use Frank's plugin I18n from this https://github.com/franckcuny/dancer-plugin-i18n, but this plugin is very simple.
> Next i make plugin which is more similar as Catalyst::Plugin::I18N. This plugin supports mo/po files and Maketext classes under your application's I18N namespace.
Good news. It's very cool. Many thanks.

\0/ Hobbestigrou
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