[Dancer-users] params for post route not working

GJ gj at freeshell.org
Mon Feb 20 00:20:48 CET 2012

Hi all,

I am using Dancer 1.3092 .  I can't access or use params for post routes, eg

post '/login' => sub {
    # Validate the username and password they supplied
    if (params->{user} eq 'bob' && params->{pass} eq 'a') {
        session user => params->{user};
        redirect params->{path} || '/';
    } else {
        redirect '/login?failed=1';

The above example is from the documentation, the result is the `else'
redirection. I tried my own code also.  params->user is empty, in fact if I
dump all `params' its empty.  I also tried `$user = param "user"' and every
other thing I could find in the docs, and it is the same result, nothing.

Is there something I need to set? My config.yml is as follows:

appname: "My::App"

# The default layout to use for your application (located in
# views/layouts/main.tt)
layout: "main"

# when the charset is set to UTF-8 Dancer will handle for you
# all the magic of encoding and decoding. You should not care
# about unicode within your app when this setting is set (recommended).
charset: "UTF-8"

#template: "simple"
template: "html_template"
   loop_context_vars: '1'
   global_vars: '1'

session: "cookie"
session_cookie_key: "xxxx"

                   driver: 'mysql'
                   database: 'xxxx'
                   host: 'localhost'
                   username: 'xxxx'
                   password: 'xxxx'

Any help would be appreciated.  Regards, 

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