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Mon Aug 27 23:57:17 CEST 2012

Do you need new hosting?
I can provide VPS, DNS or shared hosting for Dancer project for free.
Servers are in Hetzner datacenter, Germany. They are fast and stable.

28.08.2012 3:47, sawyer x пишет:
> This just might be the attempt to stabilize the list on Shadowcat
> Systems' framework. We've been having DNS and hosting problems and want
> to make it will run smoothly.
> On Tue, Aug 28, 2012 at 12:44 AM, Gabor Szabo <gabor at szabgab.com
> <mailto:gabor at szabgab.com>> wrote:
>     Hi,
>     according to Alexa http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/perldancer.org the
>     host lists.perldancer.org <http://lists.perldancer.org> gets quite a
>     bit of traffic.
>     Unfortunately when I tried to look at that host
>     http://lists.perldancer.org/ I got a 403 forbidden error.
>     I searched for the hostname on Google and first hit lead me to one of
>     the entries in the
>     archive:
>     http://lists.perldancer.org/pipermail/dancer-users/2012-July/002552.html
>     but then there were all kinds of links to
>     http://www.backup-manager.org/ instead of http://lists.perldancer.org/
>     The "more information about this list" on the main archive page
>     http://lists.perldancer.org/pipermail/dancer-users/
>     also links to that backup-manager instead of
>     http://lists.perldancer.org/cgi-bin/listinfo/dancer-users/
>     IMHO this site is an asset to the project, that could be used better.
>     I wonder if someone with the admin bits on the lists.perldancer.org
>     <http://lists.perldancer.org>
>     has time to improve it a bit.
>     It would be nice if the main page had some content or redirected to
>     http://lists.perldancer.org/pipermail/dancer-users/
>     and if all the links pointed to the http://lists.perldancer.org/
>     instead of that backup domain.
>     I think the html archive generated by mailman could be changed as well
>     making it look nicer,
>     similar to the main site of Dancer.
>     just my 2c without any tuits to back them up
>     regards
>        Gabor
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