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gurugeek gurugeekphp at gmail.com
Tue Aug 14 19:11:17 CEST 2012

Hello Dave,

> > I did try it yesterday and today and I think it is very interesting
> > and we would like to add support for dancer.
> That's awesome - I'll be happy to provide whatever help I can.

Thanks a lot. Is good to know that this could be useful :)
I am slightly confused with the right way to sever through apache (without
the reverse proxy)  my understanding is that we need to install
https://github.com/spiritloose/mod_psgi before configuring the vhost with
PerlSetVar psgi_app /websites/myapp.example.com/app.pl

Is this correct? I am asking as the files in the repo are 3 years old and
there isn't a download package beside link the github download link ..

> Is there a similar option with Dancer or there is a need to declare
> > the app name in the apache vhost configuration ?
> You could probably set up e.g. /home/$username/app.pl or similar which
> they can edit, which loads the appropriate app; they could edit that to
> choose which app to load, perhaps?
Well perhaps in first instance it is easier to tell users to use app.pl for
their app and then we can think about a smarter way to do it !

> Certainly - the ability for a user to try out their first Dancer app
> for free without having to install stuff is likely to be of use to
> people I think.  This is something I sort of toyed with the idea of
> trying to offer myself, but I decided I didn't have the time to
> implement it in a secure enough way and manage it closely enough to
> limit abuse etc (and to deal with the users, who from past experience
> will expect the moon on a stick, even though they're not paying a
> penny...)
> I agree very much in the deal with users that expect the moon on a stick
:)  The system setup took a while and it should be working fine. We wont'
be offering much support thou but of course simple guides and forums will
be available.

> I note you've got reCAPTCHA which should keep out some users though, as
> it's become almost unusable these days :)

yes well we will use something else for the hosting signup with a better
CAPTCHA. I, for one, never get reCAPTCHA right !

Thanks in advance for letting me know about the mod_psgi
Best Regards
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