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gurugeek gurugeekphp at gmail.com
Mon Aug 13 20:01:30 CEST 2012

we are finalising a totally free hosting service for programmers (
dotgeek.org). We used to run this in 2004-2005 with PHP 5 etc. and we are
now trying to extend the service to offer, in addition to PHP, MySQL and
Ruby (Sinatra, Camping) with Dancer.

I did try it yesterday and today and I think it is very interesting and we
would like to add support for dancer.

I have a quick question regarding the best solution for a multiple hosting
environment (we are using apache with a and we have a proper security
system in place). According to your deployment guide the
PSGI + Apache setup will require the application URL in the vhost

PerlSetVar psgi_app /websites/myapp.example.com/app.pl

this might be an issue if the user rename the application. In sinatra with
a passenger  deployment (aka mod_ruby) you can define a full public folder
and through the config.ru file, that is easier to edit from the users that
will have only SFTP access, you define which application you wish to run.

Is there a similar option with Dancer or there is a need to declare the app
name in the apache vhost configuration ?

I would also welcome any feedback about this service that will essentially
offer dancer + mysql + sqlite totally free. Do you think it would be
interested and help users to get started ?

Thanks in advance

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