[Dancer-users] No maillist info on http://perldancer.org/ main page

Иван Бессарабов ivan at bessarabov.ru
Thu Apr 26 07:48:29 CEST 2012

I've just posted a message to dancer-users at perldancer.org and this is not the
thing I'm doing regulary. After the mail has been send I wanted to check if I
have written the 'To' address correctly and the mail have appeared on the

I went to Dancer main site [1] to check the maillist archive, but there is no
info about it on the site's main page. I've managed to find out where the
archive is [2] using search, but I think it is a great idea to add info about
how to subscribe and the link to the mail archive to the site main page.

 [1]: http://perldancer.org/
 [2]: http://www.backup-manager.org/pipermail/dancer-users/

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