[Dancer-users] trouble with routes... related to ./public handling?

Joel Roth joelz at pobox.com
Mon Oct 31 06:30:19 CET 2011

Hi Dancers (and choreographers)

My Dancer is v1.3071.

I have content in a ./public directory, and in a ./pages
directory.  The ./pages includes a nested directory
structure that mirrors ./public with a page for each

For example:


./pages/audio.txt     # lists items under .../audio/ 
./pages/audio/foo.txt # lists items under .../audio/foo/

[1] http://mydomain.com/audio
[2] http://mydomain.com/audio/foo

URL [1] is converted to the file path ./pages/audio.txt,
which is rendered from Markdown to HTML and returned.

I expect URL [2] to similarly return a rendered form
of ./pages/audio/foo.txt, but what I receive is 404.

FWIW, the entire app is small enough to append below,
however in the interests of politeness, I'm posting
this link:


My log files are not helpful, as I don't seem
to be getting any output into them, despite 
what I believe to be correct configuration.

Zero-length log files *do* get created when
the app runs.

The apache log reported missing Module::Reload errors that I
resolved by setting auto_reload: 0 in config.yml.

Thanks for any ideas.


Joel Roth

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