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Perlover perlover at perlover.com
Thu Oct 27 11:26:01 CEST 2011

Good day,

And i think that D::S::CHI should be multi-hosts (when under one
Dancer process to be run many applications for some hosts through
Plack::Builder for example - using a Host HTTP Header)
I didn't see a sources of the D::S::CHI but the
D::P::Plugin::Cache::CHI had this problem. Now author of last added
the 'cache_page_key_generator' directive for tuning this (i can add
there my own function for generation of keys based on "Host:" http
header for example).

Thanks for new module! ;-)


2011/10/27 David Precious <davidp at preshweb.co.uk>:
> On Wednesday 26 October 2011 22:54:02 Richard Huxton wrote:
>> https://github.com/richardhuxton/perl-dancer-session-chi
>> Don't be frightened by the low version number - there's only a dozen
>> lines of code or so.
>> I'll try and find the time to sort out a CPAN upload too.
> Nice one - another valuable addition to the growing Dancer ecosystem.
> I do wonder, though, whether it should work with Dancer::Plugin::Cache::CHI
> though, to avoid the need to keep creating CHI objects, and the need to
> provide two sets of CHI configuration.
> I would imagine that, if an app is using CHI to hold sessions, they are fairly
> likely to also use it for caching stuff, so having to configure both
> D::P::Plugin::Cache::CHI and D::S::CHI with the same set of details would be a
> little tiresome.
> What do you think?
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