[Dancer-users] Dancer2 - feature change request

Naveed Massjouni naveedm9 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 21 20:22:57 CEST 2011

On Fri, Oct 21, 2011 at 5:55 AM, Richard Huxton <dev at archonet.com> wrote:
> Since dancer2 is on the way, I thought I'd be cheeky and suggest a slight
> change in functionality (rather than wait until dancer3). Does anyone
> (particularly core devs of course) have any strong opinions on the
> following?
> At the moment, the logging levels are exposed directly (debug, warning,
> error). All the major logging modules seem to expose a single object
> (Log::Log4perl, Log::Dispatch, Log::Any etc). Doing similar would make
> logging more consistent across dancer and my non-web modules.
> To be explicit, I'm suggesting this:
>  debug("current id = $id")
> would become:
>  log->debug("current id = $id")
> It's a purely cosmetic change at one level, but it does:
> 1. Reduce namespace pollution
> 2. Allow for alternative log-levels
> I actually think the printf-style functionality of Log::Any is worth
> stealing too. It lets you do things like:
>  log->debugf("user %d has fields %s", $user_id, $user_hashref)
> With $user_hashref being automatically piped through Data::Dumper
> --
>  Richard Huxton
>  Archonet Ltd

I really like your suggestion. Mainly because I wish send_error() was
error(). Writing return error(...); is much more natural than return
send_error(...); Though it is probably too late to change that now. I
know ambs/dams? has a branch for making send_error do call stack magic
to solve that.


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