[Dancer-users] Dancer deployment bugs with Plack::Handler::Apache2

Pedro Melo melo at simplicidade.org
Wed Oct 19 20:28:13 CEST 2011


On Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 5:33 PM, Assaf Gordon <gordon at cshl.edu> wrote:
> Hello,
> I've deployed two Dancer applications on one apache server using "Plack::Handler::Apache2" (one is the "SimpleCrud" test page mentioned yesterday), and I'm experiencing very strange bugs:
> It seems the two applications are conflicting, when routes or templates from one application are used by the other.

Known side-effect of the good design decisions Dancer1 took :). You
can search the Mailing list, this was discussed before.

The recommendation is to start each app with plackup using your
favorite server (I recommend Starman for this) and then use your
apache (or nginx if you can) as a frontend server for both apps using
reverse proxy (HTTP based, no fastcgi).

Current Dancer uses a lot of global variables and if you don't take
enormous care to switch the global configuration/status, those
problems will show up.

Dancer2 (alpha? beta?) is said to solve this problems, but I have no
personal experience with it so far.

Best regards,
Pedro Melo
xmpp:melo at simplicidade.org
mailto:melo at simplicidade.org

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