[Dancer-users] Custom FILTERS for TemplateToolkit in dancer?

Assaf Gordon gordon at cshl.edu
Thu Oct 13 02:25:52 CEST 2011

Assaf Gordon wrote, On 10/12/11 19:06:
> Has anyone managed to add a custom Template-Toolkit Filter when using Dancer ?

Answering myself...

During initialization (when Dancer just loads, before the template engine is created), add the following code:

sub custom_filter(@) {
        my $text = shift ;
        $text = reverse $text;
        return $text;
config->{engines}->{template_toolkit}->{FILTERS} = { 'my_custom_filter' => \&custom_filter } ;

Then, I can use the following template code:
  [% VAR | my_custom_filter %]

It works thanks to the foresight of Dancer's developers (Thanks!!!) to pass-through all the config variables to template-toolkit's NEW.

Note that this (Template Toolkit's static filters) can't be specified in the YML config file, because the value is not a string, it must be a code ref, so this needs to be done in your code.


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