[Dancer-users] more random bugs

Puneet Kishor punk.kish at gmail.com
Wed Oct 12 21:52:20 CEST 2011

On Oct 12, 2011, at 3:42 PM, Joel Roth wrote:

>>> Hi Joel, Many thanks for checking it out and confirming my fears.
>>> I haven't fixed anything. It is just random. The white
>>> characters on black background is "wrong" as it should
>>> appear only when /present/ is present in the route. That
>>> URI I gave above should always, 100% of the time, show
>>> black characters on white background. Yes, the photo
>>> should change as that is randomly selected.
> While I was writing, the site was briefly unavailable,

Yeah... I rebooted to enable iCloud on my iMac. :-)

> then the problem (seemed to have) disappeared. Did you diddle the site
> at all? 

No, other than rebooting the computer, I have not done anything at all.

>>> This is very disconcerting.
>> as I mentioned above, which template is used is (or should
>> be) determined solely by the route used. And, needless to
>> say, the "presentation" template is exclusively within the
>> `get '/present/:page_name'` route. The app doesn't even
>> have any logins or any session implementation from me.
>> Other than the fact that it is running on Starman, which,
>> I guess, makes it a persistent application. 
> Can you make it non-persistent just for testing purposes?
> That might help narrow down the issue.

Rats... that is the more difficult part. I have no end of problem running Dancer apps with Apache, so I keep on gravitating toward Starman. That said, when, for a while, I was running apps with apache and plain CGI, I would never have any issues other than an ever so slightly slow-poke performance.

Now I have close to 10 apps on this machine, so Apache is more problematic as either I run all the apps as plain CGI, or, any change in any one app would cause me to reboot apache, and thus restart all the apps.

>> I can understand that if I had a web page accessible at
>> punkish.org/present (being a stand alone, regular, black
>> characters on white bg page) then that would conflict with
>> punkish.org/present/a_page (being a route delivering a
>> white chars on black bg presentation of a page called
>> "a_page"). But, that is not the case.
> I would hope that there could be some kind of 
> debugging support to understand how Dancer
> works through selecting the route and template.

Well, there is the log that does show all the regexp shenanigans that happen in selecting a route. Maybe I should enable that in a development version, and then keep watching the logs. And then when I get a wrong template, try to see what the messages were at that point. Hmmm... will try that.

> Best,
> Joel
>> Très bizarre.
>> Puneet.  
> -- 
> Joel Roth

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