[Dancer-users] dancer2's prototype is there, feedback needed

Alexis Sukrieh sukria at sukria.net
Mon Oct 3 18:30:37 CEST 2011

Hi and thanks for the test report.

2011/10/3 Assaf Gordon <gordon at cshl.edu>:
> sukria wrote, On 09/30/2011 06:47 AM:
>> Of course, with your real-life applications, it will break in many places
>> in this current shape, and this is where you can help. I'd like to have as
>> many reports as possible regarding upgrades tests.
> Problem 1:
> Can't locate object method "context" via package "Dancer::Template::Simple" at /home/gordon/sources/dancer2/lib/Dancer.pm line 141, <DATA> line 16.

Template::Simple is not ported yet.

> Changing the template engine to "template_toolkit" simply changes the error message to:
Yeah, the syntax changed, you should do the following in your config:

template: "toolkit"

And also, the default tags are now back to TT's default : [% and %],
you can override them with:

      START_TAG: '<%'
      END_TAG: '%>'

> Problem 2:
> ==========
> 1. created a new Dancer application"
>  $ dancer -a d2test3
>  $ cd d2test3
> 2. Added a single line to "./lib/d2test3.pm" (with "prefix "/testme";"):
>  $ sed -i '6iprefix "/testme";' lib/d2test3.pm
> 3. Run with new Dancer, I get the following error:
> ===
> $ perl -I ../sources/dancer2/lib ./bin/app.pl
> core: binding app to main
> core: binding app to d2test3
> core: [d2test3] running 'prefix' with /testme
> core: [d2test3] running 'get' with /, CODE(0x1870da8)
> core: [d2test3] running 'true' with
> core: [main] running 'dance' with
> Cannot combine a prefix (/testme) with a regular expression ((?-xism:.*)) at (eval 72) line 74

Hmm, this looks to be a regression, but can you make sure it actuallt
works under Dancer1 ?


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