[Dancer-users] dancerctl - need feedback

al calyx238 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 28 23:37:30 CET 2011

An unprivileged process can only be chrooted by another process with
superuser privileges. This requires separation of dancerctl and the
Dancer startup process. But if dancerctl was bundled with the Dancer
distribution, instead of hooked into the core, I think that would be

[By the way, thanks for asking, but it is not worth implementing such
a feature in dancerctl. Chrooting Perl is not simple and very few
people do this.]

On 25 November 2011 17:04, Nick Knutov <mail at knutov.com> wrote:
> btw, can you describe your case with chrooting? I can add support of this
> feature.
> Platform-specific is known bug, it will be fixed in future.
> 25.11.2011 21:03, al пишет:
>> Personally, I prefer to create
>> my own custom ctl scripts because some of my apps have unique startup
>> requirements, such as chrooting. Also, since your script calls system
>> commands such as ps, it is unlikely it will be platform agnostic.
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