[Dancer-users] dancerctl - need feedback

Nick Knutov mail at knutov.com
Fri Nov 25 18:01:27 CET 2011

Did you ever seen deployment case when plackup is not used? Does it have 
any practical reason?

The main goal of dancerctl is to provide easy way to manage dancer apps.
Really easy. UBIC, daemontools, custom scripts are too complex for the 
most of users.

Also dancerctl is universal. You can user-friendly setup any plackup 
parameter, including server (for example, you can use FCGI instead of 

It's platform specific now (by the way, it's only 0.03 version), but it 
is known bug ;) It will be changed in future.

25.11.2011 21:16, Mr. Puneet Kishor пишет:
> I wholeheartedly agree. `dancerctl` (or, my own `web_ctl`) is a good solution for a very specific setup (Dancer + plackup). It won't work in other deployment situations, and certainly won't work on Windows. It should not be a part of the core. Perhaps it could be offered as a plugin, or remain an external utility.

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