[Dancer-users] dancerctl - need feedback

sawyer x xsawyerx at gmail.com
Thu Nov 24 13:19:24 CET 2011

On Wed, Nov 23, 2011 at 7:35 PM, Nick Knutov <mail at knutov.com> wrote:

> The main question - is it ok to use
> /etc/dancer.conf
> ~/.dancer
> ~/.dancer/
> as default config files? Or may be better to change their names?

It would be hard for me to officially say yes. Perhaps if we could
integrate dancerctl into the Dancer core, this would make it more possible.
What do you think?

I imagine that meanwhile you could unofficially use it, and perhaps in the
future we'll need .dancer and ask you to change it to something else like
.dancerapps, or .dancerctl, or whatever. At the moment it seems unlikely we
would use .dancer.

What do you think?
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