[Dancer-users] dancerctl 0.02

Nick Knutov mail at knutov.com
Thu Nov 24 05:33:52 CET 2011

dancerctl 0.02 just released

New version, new documentation and it's now stable. We are already using 
it in production on our hosting.

Example of config file for our billing:

cat ~/.dancer/bill
path: bill
autostart: 1
socket_path: ~/
env: production
   method: socket
   workers: 4

Part of `dancerctl status`
Application  : bill
Running since: Thu Nov 24 08:18:47 2011
Environment  : production
Listen at    : /home/kola//bill.sock

`dancerctl restartall`
Stopped bill
Application 'bill' started in 'production' mode.
Listen on /home/kola//bill.sock

Best Regards,
Nick Knutov
ICQ: 272873706
Voice: +7-904-84-23-130

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