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Perlover perlover at perlover.com
Wed Nov 23 12:03:05 CET 2011

Good day!

> Firstly, multi-app support is going to be a *lot* better and cleaner in
> Dancer2, so I doubt we want to do any really major overhauling of Dancer for
> this, we'd be better off just getting Dancer2 ready for primetime :)

I cannot use Dancer2
I need use a stable version of Dancer for my projects

>> Here we see that searching is going until the target route will be
>> found in all applications!
>> Imagine that we requested the url /app1/admin/... What happens?
>> The $app1 will get path_info as /admin/... after Plack::App::URLMap
>> and Dancer will start a searching in find_route_through_apps and will
>> find a route of $app2!
>> And it will call it code without middleware Auth! And protected and
>> security data will be given for remote user without protection!
>> What is result? The /app1/ URLs will sometimes run app2's routes, the
>> /app2/ URLs will sometimes run a routes of app1 and so on.
> [...]
> At a quick glance, it sounds like you might have found the source of the issue
> some people have seen using multiple apps via Apache2 / Plack, where requests
> sometimes hit the wrong app.

Yes, but i use Starman + Dancer :-) And use nginx before for static files.

> I'm not entirely sure, though.
> [...]
>> What i suggest ?
>> I think Dancer should have:
>> 1) For get & post now we can pass an options hashref before code like
>> this get '/' => {option1 =>..., ...}, sub {} (i see this in code of
>> Dancer but i didn't find it in docs) . I think there should be option
>> 'route_namespace' for example. If it defined it consists a namespace
>> of this route. If not defined it has a namespace defined in
>> route_namespace command (point 2 here)
>> 2) Should be command like 'prefix' but named as 'route_namespace' fro
>> setting up namespace of routes of this application. The prefix option
>> for real pieces in $request->path_info but this route_namespace for
>> virtual because we cannot get a namespace from path_info (only from
>> $request->script_name but i want to make this behavior flexible for
>> 'route_namespace')
> I'm not entirely sure this is required; I think the main fix, if it is
> required, is to make sure that the code that looks for matching routes can
> only ever consider routes within the app which is executing, if that's where
> the problem is.

But this code in Dancer! Dancer's code looks for matching routes.
I cannot fix this problem without fixing of Dancer

> Personally, I'm not all that familiar with setting up multiple appps via
> Plack::Builder stuff - in my usage, I've always just started up apps
> separately via Starman, giving great performance and isolation, and letting me
> tweak the number of worker processes per-app appropriately, etc, then stick
> Nginx in front as a caching proxy (and ready to be replaced with a load
> balancer if the load grows enough to require sharing across boxes).

As i wrote above i use Starman + Dancer too
But i don't want use an one Dancer + Starman bundle for one virtual site
And more - it's problem FOR ONE SITE for me
As i wrote above i wanted to use middleware
Plack::Middleware::Auth::Basic for one one path and other path without
this middleware. And in this configuration i have a problem -
protected data are accessed through public requests and there are
random mix of routes for requests...

I resolved a problem for me (https://github.com/Perlover/Dancer the
branch new/mount_at and to see
https://github.com/sukria/Dancer/pull/701) but after i suggested more
standardable workaround.

But if you want to make Dancer better i think you should research this
suggestion :-)

Ok, may be anybody will research this suggestion too?


> Anyone else have any thoughts on this?
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