[Dancer-users] a couple of questions re. Plugins

sawyer x xsawyerx at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 21:19:38 CET 2011

On Tue, Nov 15, 2011 at 8:19 PM, Puneet Kishor <punk.kish at gmail.com> wrote:

> bump... anyone, any thoughts?

My only thoughts (which I actually came up with a few times) are: "Why?"

Why would you want to put stuff in some directory without installing it? We
have local::lib, we have carton, we're past installation problems. We have
some good solutions for that.

Why would you want to create a module under a different namespace? You can
have a dist with multiple modules in multiple namespaces. Put your
Dancer::Plugin::MyCompanyLogic in your MyCompanyNamespace::WebApp. Why put
a module under a completely different namespace?

I sometimes don't understand the base reasoning that leads to the
situations you're encountering, and it leaves me wondering why.

Have a great day (or evening, depends where you are located :)
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