[Dancer-users] App responding differently to ajax calls under plackup than Apache - possibly bug

Stephen Fenwick-Paul stephen at activeg.org
Tue Nov 15 09:52:58 CET 2011


I'm moving to plackup because of the well know contamination problem under
Dancer when running multiple apps with  Plack::Handler::Apache2.

My app.psgi is basically a copy of the one in the documentation - ta for

$ plackup  -s Starman --workers=10 -p 5000 -a app.psgi

My apache cfg is basically

 <VirtualHost *:80>

        ServerName www.app.new
        ServerAlias app.new
        DocumentRoot /home/stephen/app

        <Location />
            SetHandler perl-script
            PerlHandler Plack::Handler::Apache2
            PerlSetVar psgi_app /home/stephen/app/bin/app.pl


The route:

ajax '/locations/box/:nelat/:swlat/:nelng/:swlng' => sub {
    my ($locs) = Locations->new();

    return $locs->search( { mode => 'box' } );

is used correctly by apache version, but starman gets:

get '/locations/box/:nelat/:swlat/:nelng/:swlng' => sub {
    set serializer => 'JSON';
    my ($locs) = Locations->new();
    return $locs->search( { mode => 'box' } );

It can not see the ajax route.

Examining the starman version's request I see

"ajax => 0"


"headers => undef"

and that is what Dancer::Request::is_ajax uses to determine whether the
call is ajaxed or not.

although the starman's version request does contain

    x_requested_with => "XMLHttpRequest"

but it is not within 'headers' so it is not seen by is_ajax.

I made this change to Dancer::Request

sub is_ajax {
    my $self = shift;

     return 1 if (defined $self->{x_requested_with} && (
$self->{x_requested_with} eq "XMLHttpRequest") ); # new

    return 0 unless defined $self->headers;
    return 0 unless defined $self->header('X-Requested-With');
    return 0 if $self->header('X-Requested-With') ne 'XMLHttpRequest';
    return 1;

and it appears to work. Is this a sensible change?
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