[Dancer-users] Deployment pod

Assaf Gordon gordon at cshl.edu
Thu Nov 10 01:25:31 CET 2011

Puneet Kishor wrote, On 11/09/11 19:14:
> On Nov 9, 2011, at 5:59 PM, Assaf Gordon wrote:
>> Puneet Kishor wrote, On 11/09/11 18:47:
>>> Very nice. But, I don't get why is it that I am able to run several Starman powered Dancer apps behind Apache front-end without every having declared the behind_proxy setting in the config file.
>> Perhaps you have some special Apache configuration ? and proxying not through TCP ? or perhaps you're only using relative links ?
> OK. That makes sense. I am not using request->uri_* at all. I actually have fully qualified links always, and I set them up in my config files like so
> appuri: "...."
> liburi: "...."
> and then, in my templates, [% appuri %]/foo etc.
> No wonder I never experienced this as an issue. On the other hand, I've had countless other issues with deployment, and the only one that has worked for me is Starman behind Apache proxy. As a result, I now I have 12 Dancer apps on my iMac with 10 Starman workers on each, so my process list is polluted with 120 of Perl processes.

Would you mind sharing some of the issues ? might help with the documentation, recommending what to avoid.

> At some point I have to revisit running all this via mod_perl or mod_psgi or whatever.

IMHO, "mod_perl" + Plack::Handler::Apache2 should be avoided until the issue of multiple Dancers is resolved.

I haven't tried "mod_psgi" yet.

> I never could get fast_cgi to work with Apache.
The current documentation for Apache+FastCGI is incorrect (or at least incomplete).

The examples included in my new POD are working - guaranteed! (and if you find errors, please let me know).


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